We aim to provide care in an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and is welcoming for children of families living or working in the West Tamar region. Children’s well-being is at the centre of our decision and policy making. We are committed to meeting the needs of our families by providing flexibility in bookings where possible.

As a not for profit service we strive to keep fees as low as possible while still maintaining viability.  Fees may be reviewed six monthly.

We believe in the importance of play as an effective learning strategy and support children to direct their own play, learning and exploration.  We plan unstructured opportunities that support the foundations of numeracy, literacy, language and social development, and inquiry. Outdoor, physical, and imaginative play are also an important part of our program. We provide a safe and nurturing environment. Children’s individual needs are recognised and supported and their health, comfort, well-being and safety are paramount.

Our early childhood program is developed using The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF). The centre also works in collaboration with families to plan for children, and strives to develop secure and positive relationships and attachments between children and educators.

We place high importance on being a family-centred service where family involvement in the centre is welcomed. We welcome your visits and input.  Parents and family members are offered a variety of opportunities to engage. We value families as partners in decision making and regular communication between families and the centre is encouraged. Our hope is that families feel listened to, supported and empowered.

Programs for school aged children are developed using My Time, Our Place and recognize the importance of the middle years of childhood. Planning provides supported experiences for children at the Centre and within the wider community, and provides a variety of opportunities for children to succeed. Educators work to support all children’s achievements and investigate ways to overcome barriers to success. We believe that OSHC and Vacation Care time should provide opportunities for fun, social engagement, and/or relaxation after a busy day, or term, at school.

All children and their families will be treated with equity and respect regardless of ability, ethnicity, gender, religion or culture. Our aim is to provide inclusive programs where children from diverse backgrounds and with differing abilities feel accepted and valued.

We will continue to investigate, introduce and promote environmentally aware practices which make use of recycled products and resources where practicable. Where possible we will continue to develop our buildings and infrastructure.

We acknowledge that the skills, knowledge and commitment of our staff are the Centre’s most valuable resources. As such we undertake to support and facilitate the ongoing professional learning and reflective practice of all staff members.  Training opportunities will be offered regularly and staff members are encouraged and supported to seek formal qualifications and to keep pace with current research.

As a small, non-profit, community based service we must be self-reliant in our decision making and financial arrangements. We value the contribution and guidance of our volunteer Management Committee, and encourage staff and families to also contribute. Management aims to provide flexibility where possible in work hours for staff to accommodate personal and family commitments. In return the service expects loyalty, dedication, and commitment from staff, who also need to form respectful, professional, friendly, and inclusive working relationships to ensure the success of the Centre.


Policy review

Date reviewed:  December 2019

Next review date:  December 2020