The Centre will endeavour to;

  • maintain an equitable fee for all service users.
  • to keep fee increases to a minimum.
  • allow the Centre to remain viable.


 1.  Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available to all Parents/Guardians who meet the eligibility requirements. Parents/Guardians receive this as a deduction from fees, it cannot be claimed as a tax deduction at the end of the year.  Application may be made through your MyGov account/Centrelink.  Full fees will be charged until CCS is approved.

 2.  Absences: Under the Child Care Subsidy System (CCSS) CCS is strictly monitored. A child is allowed to have 42 absences in a financial year for any reason, but a fee must be charged to gain CCS.  Once 42 absences have been reached documented proof is required for any additional absences, for continued CCS entitlement as assessed by DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES.  A fee is still required to be charged to claim CCS.

 3.  It is vital that as a service provider the Centre can predict its income to ensure ongoing viability.  Session fees will be charged during a child’s absence.  This includes absences for sickness and cancellation of booked care for all services provided by the Centre. For operational efficiency it is appreciated if users of the Centre notify absences as soon as practical or by 8.30 on the day of care at the latest. During school holiday’s there will be no fee charged to families who use Before School Care and After School Care as this service is not offered. Vacation care fees apply to those families that utilise this service.

 4.  Where children attend Vacation Care only, and they are absent for their first booked session CCS is not applied.  Therefore families may incur full fees for that absence.( When there are more than eight weeks between booked session, as with Vacation Care, CCSS regards these as new bookings. In this case CCS will not apply to absences until the child physically attends their first booked session. Refer p60, Child Care Provider Handbook).

 If ten working days notice of an intended absence is provided 50% reduction of session fees will apply.  This 50% session fee will also apply for compassionate circumstances.

 5.  Recommencement of care after Christmas closure – It will be assumed that families will resume their normal bookings on re-opening, and will be charged as normal. Please advise the Centre of changes to bookings or alternative start dates by the 1st of December to allow for staffing. If you do not notify us that your child will not be attending when we re-open you will be charged for an absence.

 6.  Session fees for a permanent child care session at the Centre per child will not apply for any period where the Centre is closed for business, ie Public Holidays or Christmas closure.  The Centre will open on Launceston Cup Day and Easter Tuesday.

 7.  On application for a new enrolment at the Centre a fee of $40.00 will apply per child up to a maximum of $55.00 per family.

 8.  Parents/Guardians will be given a print out of all absence days used at the end of each month and/or view statement online at Department of Human Services.

 9.  Positions will not be held open for individual children unless they are used and paid for consistently. Bookings will be cancelled after two consecutive missed attendances where no contact is made with the Centre.

 10.  Fees are payable by Parents/Guardians as agreed on the enrolment forms. All accounts must be paid at least fortnightly and a nil balance achieved.  Accounts will not be sent to parents unless requested or at the discretion of the Director.  A statement of your child care usage showing fees, payments received and CCS received are emailed fortnightly to the email address provided on enrolment.

 11.  Parents/Guardians must give at least two weeks’ notice of permanent cancellation of their child’s attendance at the Centre otherwise fees may be charged. As Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for any absences after a child last physically attends a session of care your child must attend our service on the last day of the notice period.  If your child does not attend CCS will not be payable for this day or any other absences since her/his last physical attendance.  In this situation you may be liable to pay us full fees for any days not covered by CCS.

 12.  Fees may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Management Committee. Parents/Guardians will be given at least one month’s notice of fee increases.

 13.  Enquiries regarding fee structure should be directed to the Management Committee or Director.

 14.  Statements of child care usage are produced fortnightly in arrears and can be collected from the office or via email. These are not statements of accounts.

 15.  The Director has the discretionary authority regarding changes to regular booked sessions of care as requested by parents/guardians, provided the changes to the booked sessions do not decrease the expected income to the Centre.

 16.    Payment of fees will be by direct debit from a nominated bank account or credit card using Debit Success Pty Ltd either weekly or fortnightly. The Centre will absorb all fees incurred with this system.

FEE STRUCTURE as from 1 August 2021

FULL SESSION                                                  $98.00

HALF SESSION                                                  $52.00

BEFORE SCHOOL SESSION                                 $20.00

AFTER SCHOOL SHORT 3.00pm – 4pm                $20.00

AFTER SCHOOL MEDIUM 3.00pm – 5pm              $35.00

AFTER SCHOOL LONG 3.00pm – 6pm                  $44.00

VACATION CARE SESSION                                  $75.00 plus bus levy of $5.00 when applicable

VACATION CARE HALF SESSION                          $45.00

NEW ENROLMENT FEE                                        $40.00 per child – maximum $55.00 per family

ABSENCE SESSION                                            100% of Session Fee

ABSENCE SESSION with 10 working days notice 50% of Session Fee

Session fees will be reduced by any CCS or ACCS as assessed by the Department of Human Services..

 PAYMENT OF FEESFees must be paid at least fortnightly.  Bookings may be cancelled for overdue accounts.   Should you leave the Centre with money owing the account will be placed in the hands of a collection service and you will be charged collection fees.


Long Day Care - A discount of $10.00 is given for weekly bookings ie five full days.  The weekly fee is therefore $465.00.

Outside School Hours Care - A discount of $10.00 is given for permanent bookings of four or more days per week in Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care.

 LATE COLLECTION as from 1 August 2021

Parents who collect their children after 6.00pm will incur a late fee of $50.00.00 for the first 10 minutes per child and $10.00 per 10 minutes per child thereafter for which CCS is not claimable.  This will apply even when notice is given.


Parents whose family circumstances suddenly change, causing short term financial difficulties may be eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy. More information is available from the Centre or from the Department of Human Services.


Parents can apply for assistance to reduce fees when seeking employment and undertaking education and or training. The Department of Human Services is point of contact for details of eligibility.  Families who are waiting to have the ACCS approved must regularly service their account, as per our fee policy, until such time as the benefit is approved and the appropriate documents are presented to the centre.  Once ACCS is approved the centre will apply the benefit to your account backdated to the date stated on the approval letter.  The letter should also state an end date for the benefit that the centre must comply with by law.

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Links Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011, National Quality Standard 2011




Education and care service must have policies and procedures



Notification of change to policies or procedures




Links with relevant community and support agencies are established and maintained



Administrative systems are established and maintained to ensure the effective operation of the service



Service practices are based on effectively documented policies and procedures that are available at the service and reviewed regularly


Sources, further reading and useful websites


Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. (2011). Childcare Service Handbook 2010-2011 accessed 7 March 2012

Further reading

  • Information for families using child care - fact sheet kit for 2011-2012 http://www.deewr.gov.au/Earlychildhood/Resources/Pages/CCfac...

 Useful websites

  • Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations - www.deewr.gov.au


Policy review

The Centre encourages staff and parents to be actively involved in the annual review of each of its policies and procedures. In addition, the Centre will accommodate any new legislative changes as they occur and any issues identified as part the Centre’s commitment to quality improvement. The Centre consults with relevant recognised authorities as part of the annual review to ensure the policy contents are consistent with current research and contemporary views on best practice.


Date(s) reviewed: May 2019

Next review Date:  May 2020