long day care

7:30am – 6:00pm

Long Day Care offers care for children aged 0-5 years, between the hours 7.30am and 6.00pm, in a supportive environment with the required educator to child ratios.

We create a calm environment that supports playing, growing and development. We understand that each child is unique and give them the best opportunities to learn and develop, tailored to the needs of your child. We believe it is essential for development that children have unstructured playtime, as well as structured playtime opportunities designed to encourage creativity and imagination

We have three separate care rooms: the Playroom, the Harmony Room and the Early Learning Room, each designed with essential early learning in mind.

In each room we offer a daily picture diary with photos taken throughout the day, making a great conversation starter with children about their day on the way home. We also keep portfolios of each child’s learning progressions and observations.

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exeter child care long day care service
exeter child care long day care service

The Playroom

For children aged 0-2 years, this space offers 1 educator to every 4 children. Here we are routine based and focus on essential learning points for your child, such as physical and language development. We also support individual children’s sleep schedules.

A day in the Playroom can look like:

  • Greeting parents and exchange information at hand over
  • Morning tea around the same time each day but we are very flexible in the Playroom and children can have food, bottles, and naps at any time
  • Outdoor and indoor play
  • Lunch in the social dining area
  • Afternoon naps in our peaceful sleep space
  • Children are welcomed back to outdoor and indoor play
exeter child care long day care service

The Harmony Room

This space is for children aged 2-3 and provides 1 educator to every 5 children. Here we focus on independent play and building important social skills. We build upon your child’s developing motor and social skills by offering a mixture of structured and unstructured play. We encourage them to use their imagination during play and support their developing autonomy and confident self-identity.

exeter child care long day care service

The Early Learning Room

For children aged 3-5, with 1 educator to every 10 children. This room is akin to a ‘pre-kinder’ program, providing children with preparation for kinder. In this program we include development of early literacy and numeracy skills and a lot of outdoor play. We encourage creativity in activities such as painting, drawing and outdoor play, as well as singing educational songs and reading stories.

A day in the Harmony or Early Learning Room can look like:

Children arrive at the Centre and are greeted by our educators, parents and educator have a quick chat while the children settle in for the day

Educators read engaging stories and sing interactive songs with children before they enjoy morning tea

Outdoor play with swings, woodchips, Tonka trucks, ‘bush cooking’ with pots, pans and leaves, sand pit and cubby house play, bushes and trees, and real grassed areas

Group story time before lunch, after lunch naps or quiet play (depending on individual children’s routines)

Indoor play using paint, drawing, play dough, pasting, toys, games, home corner play and dress-ups

Afternoon tea and moving outdoors

Children who are collected later in the evening can have a snack from their lunch box and educators will have a cosy story time on the couch or show an episode of Play School for an evening wind down.